LDYBG is a 100% Made in Italy brand, specialized in the creation of unique jeweled-accessories.

Our aim is to create luxury and original garments that stand for top quality, design, story and vibration.

Each garment is carefully tailored employing exclusively the finest materials and following our artisanal production ethos and the utmost respect for the environment.

Our Cashmere is acclaimed as one of The Best in the World: Since 1958, Italian spinner Cariaggi Fine Yarns is renowned for producing cashmere threads of superlative quality. A powerhouse of experience, discovery and incredible success. Exploration and experimentation made exclusively in Italy.

Rooted in the sincere love for our products we trust that the best marketing strategy is “word of mouth”, so we deliver a little thread of our soul in every one of our garments.

Find your LADYBUG embrace the LOVE.


“My beloved grandmother used to say to me: when you find a ladybug, remember, it ́s me looking after you”.

These sweet words have always remained in my heart. They inspired me to create “something special” that I could bring with me at all times and keep my grandmother’s powerful vibes of protection nearby.

I commenced thinking about a personal item that could be used in all kinds of situations and seasons. An accessory that could be worn in a freestyle manner, capable of unifying different cultures, styles and continents. This is how Cashmālā was born and the LDYBG journey started.

The LDYBG Cashmala is more then just a garment, it is an extension of your personality.
A symbol of self-expression and protection, no two women wear it same.
A unique statement to complete any outfit.
An accessory to blur the lines between styles, comfort you under any weather conditions and bridge the gaps between cultures.

Find your LADYBUG embrace the FREEDOM.



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