Cashmālā Classic - col. 21198

Cashmala Classic – Bordeaux


CASHMALA is a 100% cashmere knitwear garment finished with the application of handcrafted cashmere mala tassels enlightened by Swarovski crystal beads.

It has a unique original design: just one shape carefully conceived to embrace any body, personality, style and culture while providing glamour, freedom and comfort.

CASHMALA can be styled as: poncho, scarf, shawl, bandanna, turban, kefiah, jiab… and everything else a creative mind can imagine.

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Name: Cashmālā Classic
Yarn: 100% Cashmere
Quality: Cariaggi 2/28
Weight: 140gr
Dimension: 64 cm x 54 cm
Gauge: 7
Spun: One end
Detail: Hand-knitted 100% cashmere tassels, white Swarovski crystals.
The metal base is made of nikel-free and ipo-allergenic materials.

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Weight 0.345 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 8 cm